Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today in the History of this Blog

How random are the designs of the drawing in room.

Here's what we have rolled out Nov 24 these past years:

2006:  Ned Nickerson: Emersonian, in which we muse about Nancy Drew's backup singers.

2007:  TI Humor (actually Nov 25.  Not a NaBlo Year)  The very young Repressed 70s Memories series spells BOOBS on a calculator.  Short-sleeved business dress optional.

2008:  Mild Innuendo:  Kids in Mind finds sex in a Disney film where you didn't see it.

2009: thirtysomething in retrospect.  I start rewatching one of our culture's awesome artifacts.

2010:  I go on vacation and post this cheat.  sue me.

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