Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank you for asking

You were about to get an eyeful of bleh-bleh-work-stupid-what have I done with my life-yadda-myowmyow-tequila-rant rant....  It was bound to be completely irritating.

So thank you very much for asking questions in the comments.  I don't actually know how to answer them in the comments, given my comment structure.  How bloggy was that just now.

Let's go to the comment strip instead!

Do they still make Magic 8 Balls?
They do.  "They" are Tyco and they make several varieties, like everything these days, including white cheddar.  I broke mine open years ago to see what that damn thing looked like.  It looks like this: 

What about Men's Pocky?
Beats the hell out of me.  But looks like a bunch of men do eat it.

The Baroness asked for my Randolph House Chex Mix recipe.  Was it special?  Was it "magic"?  I think it was just salty.  And probably the recipe right off the box.  (Something else that comes in unnecessary flavors.)  What I remember is butter, W'shire sauce, maybe some Lawry's (oh... yeh... that s**t will kill you).  We drank a lot in Randolph House.

Karen shared a video of the Sesame Street "App for That" song.  If you didn't watch, I'll link it again.  And you can miss Joe Raposo.

Is "gender neutral" a compliment?
I think compared to "you walk like a guy," or "throw like a girl," sure.  It may be a backhanded compliment.  Or it may be that I rarely use the word Mommy.

Don't all girls conduct home repairs wearing a bikini and a hard hat?
Of course not, Charlene, that's for our tickle fights.  For home repair, we wear a sexy maid outfit.

About Marlo - did she speak, and do I like the book?
She did, but the people seated in the restaurant, who were not invited to the event taking place all around them, did not quiet for her -- specifically, the guy seated right behind me.  So I couldn't hear what she said.  I am saving the book for a long plane ride I have ahead. 

Aren't you sorry it's November?  really.. really... am. 


  1. But you 'do' November so very well. And just think when it ends in 2010, you have an entire year to think of only 30 new posts for November 2011. I'll try to come up with some ideas for you as well - as if you needed that from me. :o) M

  2. Are you sure about all girls conducting home repairs not wearing a bikini and a hard hat? I don't know...


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