Sunday, November 7, 2010

Doo Dads

#29 in an occasional series of repressed 70's memories that turn out to be true.

 Once upon a time... when "snack" was a food group, Nabisco and Keebler fought toe-to-toe for the affections of the American people, with Sunshine Bakers hanging around the periphery, ready to walk home carrying the victor's books, and shouting over its shoulder, "You better run."

Snack crackers are no less crazy these days, there just seem to be less variety.  Everything comes in some flavor of cheese, or some flavor of an entire meal, like Wonka gum.  Doo-Dads were the integration snack, where everyone just got along.

Separating the Doos from the Dads.....
Chex Mix - you don't get much more 70s than Chex Mix -- so 70s it's 50s.  That's how you know.  My whole life I never knew anyone who ate Chex as an actual breakfast cereal.  It didn't even have a cartoon, for heaven's sake, or the word Sugar right on the box.  I found the wheat chex suspect -- they were masculine to me, which I can't explain at all, just something I thought when I plucked them out of a handful.  "Those are for boys."  Give that last word a lot of syllables.

Pretzel Sticks:  You hold them like cigarettes and flick the salt-ashes.

Cheese Turds:  Perhaps your neighborhood gang had a more sophisticated name for them, but I doubt it.  They were Cheese Tid-Bits and also sold on their own, but not very robustly. These were cheese before we got good at cheese crackers.  They were kind of like dog treats, really, with the consistency of a Butterfinger.

Peanuts:  Set aside to drop in your RC Cola.  Or... schoolyard version, pluck down the cafeteria table into a goal-post of your classmate's fingers.

Doo-Dads! You'll..... die for them?

seriously... that woman's dead, isn't she?

It's a snack THRILL!
That is one creepy wierd ad, 'Bisco.

Now you want some so bad, and I will tell you, you can't have them.
Doo-Dads are Doo-Dead.

There is a web-based cult for them, as you might hope, and now I suppose this post joins the canon of people listing what was in the mix.  I expect the reason we can't duplicate the recipe is because we lack the household chemicals that probably went into them, the lead cauldron they were cooked in, and the airplane glue that held the box shut.
Because it is the job of The DrawingIn Room to track down the faintest of your faint memories, we present....
Rich Hall's "Spap Opp."  Man.... were we racist.


  1. My Dad is probably the only person I know who ate Chex on a daily basis for years in the 80's as a breakfast cereal. Still does now and then. Ew.

    And what's even more interesting is that I use the word Doo-Dads pretty frequently and NEVER knew it was a snack food. Must have been because I was out of the country when they came out. See what I missed along with the whole Star Wars Trilogy (that I don't mind as much).

  2. They actually still sell the Pocky things.. I saw them whilst buying a DVD at the mall recently.... Not sure it said "mens" though.

  3. Personally I prefer Triscuits Original. Just enough salt and crunch. Besides 8 of them before bed helps keep the sugar numbers down first thing in the morning. Much better for me than the potato chips I like and no one else does. M

  4. Um, you neglected to mention your own recipe for Chex Mix. I believe it was a specialty of the house - the Randolph house. Baroness

  5. doodads and chocola......Great
    Chex mix and yoohoo......Suck
    How did the latter two replace the earlier? I have no idea. All I know is if you have had the opportunity to try all of these products there is no comparison. I truly get angry when people try to convince me that a yoohoo taste just like a chocola or that a bag of chex mix is basically the same as doodads. Total BS


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