Thursday, November 4, 2010

But WHY is there an app for that?

A scene popped into my head.  I don't know what to do with it, so I am going to thrust it on you.  2 kids in a darkened room, a Ouija board between them.  The pointer spells out L....O.....L.

One thing I have learned from our years on the Interwebs is that there really is an app for everything.  It took only 2 searches to find this.  It would have been one, but I did an image search first.

What's more stupid -- a ouija app, or a video of a ouija app?
I think right now you are trying to decide whether to read it wee-ja or wee-jee?  I'm sorry for forcing your hand this way.  It's ba-LOAN-a.

Other games the tattooed youth are now playing on their apps, instead of a basement rec room utility closet, as God intended:

Spin the Bottle
Puff Puff Pass  now that's just a damn shame, just when we nearly have it legalized.  You have to be 17 to purchase this game.  Is that... appropriate?  Or just.... absurd?

We know the little ones love to smudge up our phones.  here are some apps you can buy rather than give them actual toys.
Mumbletypeg!  sort of.   I guess you weren't going to buy your kid a knife.  Or a hoop and a stick.
Now I want you to look me right in the eye and tell me a yo-yo app is not the most idiotic thing you have heard today.  Et tu, Duncan?

I am working out the Amish doll app.  Apparently, we'll buy anything.

you have a whole month of nonsense posts like this to look forward to.  Maybe less IS more.


  1. I am only a little embarrassed to admit that I have a magic eight ball app on my IPhone. But--I can change some of the answers to reveal responses that are more appropriate for the adult me. I did, however, learned the hard way that I cannot allow my niece to play with this cool app. I guess I'll have to get the good old fashioned magic eight ball for her. Do they still make them?

  2. i made my brother buy the yahtzee app so i could play with it a few thanksgivings ago. the whole time i was playing it, i just wished i had someone to play yahtzee with me with some good old fashioned dice. they feel so good in your hand. much better than flicking the ipod.

  3. Um, we start indoctrinating them early, apparently. Check this out:


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