Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Analysis

Let's send this blog to too much therapy.

Typealyzer claims to identify a blog's personality type based on its content.  And Typealyzer determines that Caroline Bender is ESFP, which literally makes her my alter ego.  I both love and despise this.  Because as a bleeding INTJ, I can not abide the knowledge that there is an ESFP in there.  Thank goodness I let her out.  And give her something to drink.

Gender Analyzer assesses whether this blog is written by a man or a woman.
Show of hands:  anyone surprised?  I only wish it thought I was a gay man.  Then I could be completely affirmed.

It's been a while since we Wordled this whiteboard.  Here's a look at November.  I am glad to see the Locusts have earned their keep.    That looks like a swarm all on its own.

According to Blog Pulse, locust swarms are not a current blog trend.  Less than 1% of blogs are covering this topic, though it does experience some mood swings week-over-week.

Looks impressive, until you compare it to the actual zeitgeist.   The heart of blog n roll is not beatin'.

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  1. What about that "gender neutral" comment? Can't decide if that's a compliment or not. Perhaps it means that your writing shows so much intelligence that it couldn't possibly be written by a woman.... or could it?


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