Saturday, April 4, 2009


What I am doing for entertainment because I can't summon the energy to write:
I am Facebook chatting with S-@-L and making a Wordle of Drawing In.
Is that the bloggiest web-cloudy Conversation 2.0 thing you've ever read? I am sure it is the most I have ever written.

I don't know why it is called a "Wordle." We are in a moment where the suffix for new and trendy is -dle. I have always missed the -O ending of the 50s. This would be Word-O. In the 90s, of course, e-word, or eWord. I am going to start adding -dle to things with a straight face. It is harder than you would think. will create this word cloud out of any website, or any group of words you throw at it. This is DrawingIn as a wordle. This is also a fair diagram of Caroline's brain. Just look how big the word Netflix is. And the word "just," which I clearly use more often than I realize, and JUST used in back-to-back sentences. The baroness sent me this tip back in February, and I promised I would talk about it soon. In fact, so much time has passed that this is a different picture than what it looked like a month ago. And the tool has gotten more creative, too -- more fonts and shapes and colors to play with.

Check out "70s," dead center. I dig that.

This morning, Karen rocks into the living room with a t-shirt on that says 1973 on it, in that faux-neon Soul Train font. Well, more bauhaus, but you get the idea.

I didn't like the font on the 1960s ones as well, but I am still considering a 1964. I was more excited about getting the customized Braille T-shirt. And having it say "For Hire."

here's where you can shop. Dr A, you'll want the Scrabble one.

My Wordle would not look good on a t-shirt.

So I wordled a few other interesting documents to see how they came out. Enjoy.

The Gettysburg Address

Scarlett's "Never be hungry" speech

A random letter, perhaps t0 you

That font, by the way, is called Refrigerator Letters. I am considering writing all my letters this way, at least for a month. Why should I do all the work?


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