Monday, April 6, 2009

Websites that suck
Trying to improve the world wide web... one horrifying layout at a time.

I like the one that looks like it was built by Dr Bonner. You have to trust this thumbnail image, because the real deal takes so long to load I burned my muffins.

The website for websitesthatsuck has its own category names. I have renamed them for my own amusement, but these are their real winners.
Most opthamology kickbacks: Tracy's Karate
Sally on her lunch hour award: Sail New York
People who have not used the web since Prodigy: Sarasota Tampa Express
(by the way, this one has blue mountain e*cards style Casio music)

All this taunting of course makes me wonder whether my website would pass the test. I use a Blogger template (which I have considered changing, but I fear a Facebook style backlash). Websitesthatsuck offers a checklist you can run through, but they warn that you if don't know anything about web design, you may not understand the checklist.

I use this template (which is called Scribe) because it comes the closest to the Mill Girl vibe I am trying to cast. While talking about ViewMasters, contemporary art and the Prophets. Which is probably a mark of a website that sucks content-wise if not format-wise.

Well you know what I say to that.

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  1. Oh. My.

    I visited the site "Sail New York" and based on the photo I'm thinking there is probably one more thing you should not forget to bring if you go.


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