Monday, April 13, 2009

From the In Box

Not everything in The DrawingIn Room is drawn in. Some of it is sent by you. In her real life, Miss Bender is a living google-net that you depend on to provide instant answers -- via phone, text, and sometimes in person -- on topics like "what's the difference between Elijah and Elisha again? And why are they called.....(fill in the blank). Miss Bender thanks you for rewarding her with potential blog topics that you would like to know more about, but don't have the hermit-like lifestyle to explore.

Thanks for knowing I do. What I no longer have is the attention span and writers' colony support system that allows me to focus on things longer that the average Pandora timeout session.

So you are just going to get a Show-n-Tell

To clear out the In Box, The DrawingIn Room presents, in no particular order, your recent discoveries and "what about this" submissions. Any conclusions drawn in are strictly miraculous.
Dolly Parton herself sent me the poster for 9to5 The Musical. I will camp out for this. come on, Allison Janney as Violet Newstead? How can you not love that? For every 6' girl who wanted to be a star. This blog spend more time on Dolly than you might imagine. Use the search box if you don't believe me.

Speaking of Backwoods Barbie (her words, not mine), I have 2 recent Barbie submissions. The inside circle knows you do not diss the Doll in my hearing.

Especially this doll, who turns 50 this year.

If you turn the red wig inside out, she is Batgirl. Greatest of All Sisters thought of that. Barbie came dressed as Cleopatra -- no doubt due to Liz Taylor -- and that bathing suit has a zipper. we had to go to the moon before we could mine velcro. By the way, Fee, this Barbie is priced at $250, so keep the puppy away from it, please.

Anyway.... Barbie story #1 was from the Baroness, announcing THIS. (made ya link). "Accessories include faux pearl necklace and stylish white hat. " just like the real infield.

Buy your real hat here. This linkback ought to annoy them no end.

Barbie story #2 came from Greatest of All Sisters, who is only slightly younger than Barbie (as if her Barbie itself doesn't give that away). We also had PJs and Talking Kens. PJ bent at the waist so she could... what, class? Do the twist. Dear god, am I old.

Anyway, Sister sent this. It speaks for itself, but was titled Barbie at 50.

I can tell you that little sister Skipper at 45 is still looking for a bra that fits properly.

One last thing about Barbie before we close this session of the InBox.
Real Barbie gift Sister gave one year.

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  1. Perhaps in your Barbie post, you might mention the red velvet dress and the wedding dress made from scraps from one made for herself in 1958 by the Greatest of all Mothers!! Dodie remembers them well. M


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