Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the In Box - 2

I felt that yesterday's clipshow had reached a respectable limit, and I should continue later. And I could make it look like I post frequently than I do.

Dipping a little deeper into the In Box, I being you several fun links from Pete, my authority on GENUINE old school Mass. history. And Mass history, but that's not we're talking about just now.

Here's a nice video of Blizzard shots, including a narration of the real-deal Mass. accent, south shore style. This is about 10 minutes long, so pour a soda. And please appreciate that in some parts of the region, it snowed on Easter Sunday.

Because I was not here for the big one, I will never be a real New England-a. wicked sorry.
Once you pop the top on Massachusetts disasters (that's pwop the twop), there's your lunch hour. There's about 500 years of history to deal with. This will get you started.

My personal favorites are the fires, as you must know by now, which are not technically disasters but catastrophes. The great ones are featured here too:

Boston 1870s
Chelsea 1900s
The Cocoanut Grove 1940s. you come visit me, and I'll take you here, then show you all my Grove artifacts. And you may never visit again.

See, this post didn't really go well with yesterday's.

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