Friday, November 26, 2010

Your 2010 Wish Book

Economics has a way of making sure we can't really afford the crazy crap we want when we want it.  By the time you can afford the bacon and egg pajamas, you kind of don't want them anymore.  This happens more slowly for women, because we maturely more quickly and earn more slowly. 
Now is the perfect time to buy the must-have items you couldn't get your hands (or your wallet around) when you wanted them the first time.  Maybe this will put your iPad purchase into some whimsical perspective.

My thanks to the Vintage Ad Browser, where I just spent an hour instead of thinking up my own content.
My thanks to eBay for stocking everything we wasted money on.

Character Telephones  - characters in illustration are larger than they appear.  I was referring to the leg warmers.  Current eBay selling price on the Garfield phone -  $10 - $70.  Lacks caller ID.  But they taught us earlier our phones should be FUN!  And that they were thinking up something for that # key.

The Bone Fone  - official brand name for the "neck stereo headphones."  I just wish I could listen to music while I'm boogie skating.  When will they crack the code on that?  One pair available on eBay for $50.

The Swatch -  we probably all got these in a stocking one year or another.  Explain to your kids what a watch was, and how you didn't have to dig it out of your pocket and turn it on to know what time it was.
26,000 swatches on eBay.  Better narrow your search.  This might help.

A COMPUTER - It will cost the nest egg, but he'll get into Stanford, honey!
16K.  I don't know how I'll fill it.

The Clamshell  - Maybe you are more the laptop type.  I'll say this for Apple -- they have never been afraid to cannibalize their own products if it made them better.  And less embarrassing looking.

"Fully loaded" is still pretty specs, including a 20 GB hard drive for under $300.  If your iPod just feels too small.

The Jacket 
I smell Halston.

Available in nylon or leather models and all your favorite jewel-tone shades.  Roughly $150-200.  Doesn't this look like the Star Trek crew on shore leave?

The Coat 
Oh, the animals you would kill... as soon as you cashed out.

Avon Collectibles  For the man who has everything.  Except another man.

Garth Brooks Shirt  - see also Cosby Sweater

There are 9 bids this minute on the Roper XL Texas flag style.  Bidding closes tomorrow, and is $30 at this posting.  Better get in there.  Roper the wind.

Other, less desirable, Roper shirts.

Le Car
On the other hand... 39 Highway..... hmmmmmmm


  1. I haven't thought about Swatches since the 80's.

  2. Mitchell wanted to know where to go to join.... so he could get a jacket. Seriously.


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