Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Writing Prompt

Look, I don't have space for an all-nighter.  Not when I still have to manage today's email before it becomes yesterday's email (Take Back Your Life) and fight the system on finding a flight to Va that doesn't require a pre-dawn departure, a shuttle to Boston, a 3 hour layover in Newark, a connection through anything west of the Cumberland Gap, or $700.  I am not getting to bed on time as it is.

So, yeh, I went to the prompts list.  Wanna  make somethin of it?

The question is

If you could have worked for anyone in history, in your field, who would you choose and why?

My..... "field".....

Which is, what, exactly?
When I was In The Field, we called it The Field, and the world was divided into those IN and those OUT.  Just today I was asked for advice by someone looking to get IN.  I wrote "I've been out for quite a while, but you might try S***.  She's still in the field."
When we were all unemployed (not this past time, the time before), we agreed to stop asking people "And what do you do?" because we realized what an awkward question that is.  I tend to open these days with "Where do you live?"  or "How do you know the bride?"  I actually say "the bride" no matter the situation.  It's not really that funny; it's all in the delivery.
When people ask me what I do, I answer depending on what they are looking for.  If I think they are networking, I'll name the mill that gives me the paycheck.  But it does mean defining my silly "field."  I'm not even convinced it makes sense as a role, but it comes with certs, so yeh, I guess it's a field.  I wouldn't even want to work for me in that field.
If I think they want a good story, I go with describing things for blind people.  If I think they want to talk about themselves. I'll say I'm a homocide detective.
When is it a "field," and when is it a "discipline"?  I miss "Game."  "So what game are you in?"  "I'm in ladies undergarments."  "You said it, brother."  
You'll notice I didn't answer the question.  I never intended to.
I can't wait for  Dec 1.


  1. I just say "I'm an Administrative Assistant in the HR department of a global packaging company" because that's today's field. In the past 30+ years, I've been in a lot of "fields." However, since I am not my job, I try to look for other topics of conversation when I am trying to learn something about the potential new friend. If it's just a casual introduction, I let them do the taling. I never was very good at networking anyway. :o)M

  2. Only six hours and fifteen minutes here in the Eastern time Zone....


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