Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Speaking of things coming out of the archives...

This seems to be the month for it.  We began with a rant about Disney manipulating the market for their own devices, then just the other day a celebration of the Soul Train collection (scroll down), and here comes

The Warner Archive

Remember how I said I wasn't going to collect any more movies in any new formats?  Do you?  Because I can't hear a thing while I am staring at this.    This.    THIS

Here's how Warner's is competing.  They closed the stores (they were fun, but the era of logo wear and cell art may be behind us), they shut down the catalog (no promises, here.  Manager's choice) and they don't maintain a warehouse.  They burn on purchase, or you can download it. They don't restore anything.  They figure you are willing to buy a bootleg at the collectible show; it might as well be from them.

And they change it up Often, to keep you coming back for more.  But look on Netflix too, because they know what they are up against.

Warner Archive passes the Bad Ronald test.

Caroline Bender's Least Expected Finds and Morbid Curiosities in the Warner Archive (Best of Everything was a Fox picture)

# War and Military - Monty Clift as a GI who adopted a death camp runaway
# TV Movies & Series - Champions: a Love Story 
# Silent Films - The Boob.  How do you not love that?  Here's the plot.  Farm boy Peter Good’s best gal runs off with a bootlegger. So the hapless boob goes running after them…and straight into culture-clash farce that pits his hick heroism (patterned after the actions of granite-jawed cowpokes seen on local Bijou screens) against the wiles of slick-haired gangsters and gin-soaked jazz babies. I almost left out: Joan Crawford in 1926.
# Cult, Sci-Fi & Horror - They Only Kill Their Masters - the Boys of Brazil as played by Dobermans
# Comedy - Ten Thousand Bedrooms.  Martin goes solo without Lewis.

And certainly someone we all know needs this:  

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