Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brunch with Jesus

"Jesus said to them, 'Come and have breakfast.'"  ~~ John 21:12

 In those games where you name 5 dinner guests, people often throw Him in.  "and... Jesus, I guess...."  Always mixing him in with Lincoln, Einstein, Betty Friedan...  I'd be more inclinced to leave him off the list.  Not because I have brunch with Jesus every day already, which I do, but because he is not a particularly gracious dinner guest.

He tells long rambly stories that have no punchline, and has a tendency toward outbursts of anger and name-calling when challenged.  He also doesn't help with the dishes.

Jesus' own 5 dinner guests in this game will be the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and... "Aristotle, I guess...." he'll throw in. 

Here's an interesting juxtaposition to ponder:  Jesus has to knock on the door of your heart, but your house he'll just invite himself to.

"oo, wait, a tax collector.  I need one of those.  Ok, Lose Aristotle."

The caption isn't entirely fair.  We know he ate fish, but we also know (as any well-raised Baptist will tell you) he ate what was set before him (Luke 10), even if it was topped with mini marshmallows.  Funny thing is, we don't see Jesus eat much.  He serves a lot of food, he interrupts a lot of meals --  including his own -- to rail against Pharisees, who also apparently barge right in wherever they like.

After Jesus' return, " he asked them, 'Do you have anything here to eat?' (Luke 24) "They gave him a piece of broiled fish,  and he took it and ate it in their presence."   He has a little nosh, and he walks with them to Bethany, site of another of his favorite dinner parties (and one stunning dead-raisin') but ascends before the first course.  Aristotle expected him 8-ish.

Enjoy your feast.  Serve ye, one another.

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