Friday, November 24, 2006

Ned Nickerson, Emersonian

Nancy nodded. "You know that my friend Ned Nickerson attends Emerson College. The safari has been organized by some of the professors. Boys who are majoring in botany, zoology, and geology are making the trip. They're being allowed to ask friends to go at the students' rate. Bess and George and i have signed up. Burt and Dave, their dates, will be along too."

How did I live so long and not know that Ned was an Emerson man? Ok, not that Emerson. As evidenced by the majors in botany, zoology, and geology. Or that Ned is a football star. Or named Ned.

Through my current immersion in Nancy (see reading list sidebar) I have have come to enjoy her "chums," as they were once called back when she drove a roadster and wore a cloche.
These poor unsung Pips of youth literature, always dragging around stupidly after our heroine, while marvelling at the exotic wonders of the world, like Indian elephant trainers and opera singers. Nancy, who spoke French and reasoned on her feet ("Somebody must have put acid on the handle of my suitcase! It's eating into our hands!") tolerated them for reasons that were never clear. I think because they provided easy exposition.

"When you're with Nancy, interesting things always seem to happen," George frequently declared. Every heroine needs a lady-in-waiting. God bless you, George. Marcie. Midge. all the Heathers... George does all the hard work, like rowing the boat and carrying the suitcases, whenever Ned isn't around. Which is most of the time.

George's unnecessary cousin. Her purpose seems to be to be "cute," only she isn't cute, and "Carolyn Keene" (you have to read Girl Sleuth to learn more about "her") seems to put her there just to call her fat. Bess opened her handbag and brought out a box of crackers and a candy bar.
She plays the role Ice T does on "Law and Order," which is to talk a while so Mariska Hargitay can catch her breath. George would totally be hot for Mariska.

I wanted to find proof that Nancy ever refers to him as her "boyfriend." I couldn't, but there are more than 50 titles. Besides being some sort of science/football all-around Emersonian, he is also a fraternity man, who meets Nancy in book 7 just in time for the big dance.
When he goes missing in #45, at the hands of a villain called Swahili Joe (oh my), Nancy enlists the chums to his rescue just as his dark wavy hair is becoming disheveled. Fetch the pomade!
He neglects to thank her for untying him, or Bess for the crackers. Ingrate.
See if I buy anything from him at The Wall.


  1. I really should have gotten a French pedicure last month.

  2. I really don't like how they are putting Ned down like that.


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