Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Could this be satan’s footprint?

On the state road I drive to and from work, one house has displayed a 4ft diameter peace symbol, outlined in white lights, since about 2001. It is not a holiday season decoration; it is up all year round, and always switched on by nightfall. Farther east on that road, also on my commute, is a white sound-proofing fence on which the homeowners have painted a bright blue peace symbol. I don’t know how long that has been there. Longer than I have been driving that road.

I like seeing them on my daily route, like little prayers for our best efforts to get through another Worldly day. Like… “wishing you peace.” “Hope today is peaceful.” “Dude. Peace, right..?”

When you live in a part of the world where you will not likely be raided by bordering warlords and left to die on the savannah, you may not think of having someone send you such a wish – “Peace,” as equal to, “make it home alive,” --until you make yourself read it that way.

So I was flummoxed by the story of the Colorado woman who upset the neighborhood equilibrium by displaying a peace wreath on her front door. Have you seen it? It’s about the size of a ottoman (the footstool, not the muslim. Don’t get distracted by theological puns). What would this neighborhood association have done with my neighbors?

I am thankful to my Quakerish friend for providing some of the research here. We do not share a general theology, but both of our ancestors were thrown out of Massachusetts, so I think this helps maintain our open exchange of spiritual ideas. With her help, I bring you the “more” you have wanted to know about this story.

The rule she broke was about displaying “divisive” flags or signs.
Most likely meant to read “Pride” and “Vote Democrat,” respectively, in the county where Bush/Cheney took over 60% of the vote.

“Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.” (Lk 12:51) snap.

Reputed peacenik Lisa Jensen was formerly president of the home owners’ association’s 3 member board.
Don’t you already sense there is more to this story than we will ever know? And that it involves the kind of property-line, dog-poop, loud stereo, easement abuse skirmishes of your own neighborhood?

Notice that Lisa is listed as the homeowner in most stories and yet Bill Trimarco lives there too. A clue?
One theory: they took the 2nd place white wine ribbon in last year’s Archuleta County Fair Beer/Wine/Spirits competition (it takes an Internet to raise a ruckus) and I think we’ll find some bad blood there.
Or is it their unAmerican practice of Aikido?

“If you let one go up, you have to let them all go up.”
One of many comments of the currently serving board president, Bob Kearns. This argument was less successful at removing the confederate battle flag from the South Carolina state house.

“It’s an anti-christ sign.”
Prince of Peace.
Peace that passeth understand.
Peace be with you.
The peace I leave with you. That Christ, you mean?

Here’s a whole lot on that topic.

Here is another history that identifies Bertrand Russell as the initiator of the contemporary symbol, such as that on Lisa Jensen’s house. Bertrand Russell, of course, also wrote Why I am Not a Christian, which might be what has people confused. Or just Bob.

While we’re listing non-christian symbols, let’s add
Christmas trees

How does this neighborhood get through Halloween?

“Some people might have kids in Iraq…”
When I support the troops – should I pray for peace, or continued roadside bombing?
I’m only the daughter of a veteran. Perhaps their parents feel differently.

“Some people complained.”
Apparently, there is no proof of this. According to the Architectural Control Committee, there had been no complaints except from the Board Chair. The entire committee was fired by the board chair.

The Board has since backed down.
The Board has 3 members, 2 of whom would not comment during this story. I think they got to Bob with a sock full of pennies.

Oh, my, now that ain’t christian…

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  1. People can be so ridiculous sometimes. Now, I understand that it is the "Neighborhood Association" and all, but whatever happened to freedom of speech?


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