Friday, November 10, 2006

Things to love and miss about Ed Bradley

That voice
What is that accent? Broadcast speech by way of Philadelphia. All the 60 Minutes guys have such distinct voices, like old radio men. They also have...

Vietnam cred
Click here and play "Oh God! They're Going to Cut My Arm Off" You'll need sound.

Journalist and Jazzman

It takes some finesse to diversify the 60 Minutes magazine without being the guy who interviews all the Black people.

That earring.
Here is a man not of the generation of men who got pierced, unapologetically sporting his earring while confronting the corporate bigwigs about where they hid the money. One source says that Liza (with the proverbial Z) gave him his first stud. This deflates the story somewhat -- I would rather know that he got it in the Navy when crossing the equator -- but then he would not be the first man I fell for who was inspired by Liza.

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  1. Thank you for this.

    He was a such a great broadcast journalist. Sad to think that the wanna bees now will never measure up to these professionals.


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