Saturday, November 18, 2006

Can't talk now -- renouncing satan...

Miss Bender will be out of the office for the next week, as she is off to meet her goddaughter.

We have discussed before my tendency to stumble into other people's religious ceremonies (here, here, and here). In this case I will be speaking for an infant I will have just met (future perfect - that is soo hot) , so I hope she's ok with it. When you are only a month old, and haven't really met a lot of people, you might want to withhold judgement on some, but I know her parents, so I will do them this thing.

I will try to leave you with some distractions in my absence. So many things to link.
You should occasionally check out the links to the left; they are frequently updated to keep you interested, and there is a lot of new material on the blogroll.

Also, enjoy a few places I like to play between fresh material. Pace yourself. See you on the other side of the week.

Urban Legends reference pages - good for keeping up with which celebrity is currently reputed to have said "Get on the floor Lady" in an elevator.

The Etiquetteer - extracurricular to the Business Women's Finishing School

PostSecret - the purest thing on the Internet. I hope it never turns out to be fake

Librivox - free audio books. There is more in the public domain than you thought. And you can literally read The Riot Act.

Ok enough linking. I think you must have a deadline or something to get to.


  1. You get excited about grammar stuff, too?!?

    I gotta say, gerunds really get me going!

  2. Dear Miss Bender,

    Thank you so very much for the link to my column! I was delighted to discover it this evening and hope we will be able to correspond at some point. I discern from your blog that we share several points of view.




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