Monday, November 24, 2008

Mild Innuendo

Whatever could it mean??

Does it mean the ratings board couldn't reach consensus?
I think we should mention the innuendo."
Innuendo? Hardly. It's so subtle no kid would get it."
"Then mild innuendo."

Isn't Innuendo mild by definition?
"an indirect intimation about a person or thing, esp. of a disparaging or a derogatory nature."
In Latin.. "to nod toward"

And if innuendo were mild, wouldn't it be more... direct?

OR... is it innuendo about something mild? That is, titter-titter, it is clever bawdiness, but nothing really sexy.
Like a double entendre.

Besides, when you're 6, aren't all jokes about butts and underpants anyway? what's subtle about that?

In case you're wondering, the movie in question is Enchanted.

I decided to see what Kids in Mind had to say about it. This is a website I've linked to before. They obsessively count swear words and naked body glimpses for you, so you can phone in your parenting. I admire it for its compulsive attention to detail more than its politics.

Here is their assessment of the "mild innuendo." I have applied my own Mild Metre, and spelled it the British way to look sophisticated. The descriptions are theirs. promise.

Most Innuendoest
A man climbs out of a well, men standing around him ask if he too is looking for a woman and he tells them that he is looking for a prince (they seem to understand that he is gay).

Most Mildest Innuendo
A man knocks on a door, another man opens the door and smiles invitingly (implying attraction) and the first man walks away seemingly confused.

Regular Innuendo
A woman discovers an almost nude woman (she's wrapped in a towel) and a clothed man together, she is jealous and angry and makes a remark about leaving so the man could have "big girl time" with the partially clothed woman.

The kind of joke Disney adds to prompt your children to follow-up later
A girl tells a woman that she shouldn't wear too much makeup, that "boys will get the wrong idea" and that "they are only after one thing"; she then says that she doesn't know what that "thing" is.

Most Obsessive-compulsive
A husband and wife kiss several times, a man and a woman kiss and hug, a man kisses a woman three times and then another man kisses her and she kisses him back, and men and women kiss in a few more scenes. A man and a woman hug in a few scenes. A woman kisses a turtle on the cheek and the turtle blushes.
what in the bloody what?

Most "you read that into it"
A woman falls into a man's lap and they sit very close as they ride off together on horseback with her in his arms.
I defy you to leave room for The Holy Ghost on horseback

Even I don't get it
A woman talks about searching for a perfect pair of lips (for a prince replica she has built) and tries different items, including a pea pod and a caterpillar.
Ok, I don't want to know what that is innuendo for.

If you really want to enjoy this website, read descriptions for films you have never seen.I can't wait to see what they do with Twilight.

# of times the word "innuendo" appears in this post (including this one) = 13

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