Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't even run with the queens anymore....

.... but even I know they are all rehearsing Beyonce's
"Single Ladies."

Am I right girls?

Do I love this or hate it? I don't even know.

Holy...Cultural...Message Confusion.
At its heart, it has that Beyonce Paradox we loved so well in "Check on it": Stop lookin' at me dancin' all like this.
Here is another song with the message "That's right, I AM all of that. And you just stand over there until I decide whether this is for you or not."

Movin on, yo
Remember when Beyonce put everything you owned in a box to the left? And said you were replaceable? Well, she is now working that program.

real Single Ladies lyric:
I'm up on him, he up on me/Don't pay him no attention/Just cried my tears for 3 good years/Ya can't be mad at me/ Cause if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

But she would take him back
She got another you in a minute, but buried in Single Girls, which you won't hear because you will very distracted, I don't care who you are, she comments, "Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve....Pull me into your arms, say I'm the one you own..." (own. Girlfriend said "own.") "If you don't you'll be alone/And like a ghost I'll be gone."

Damn, Beyonce, I can't even think
An actual/cyber friend/Friend turned me on to this song less than an hour ago. And she said, "the song is VERY catchy and very brain wormy so beware." So true. The kind of song that made me glad I stopped listening to the radio soon after "La Vida Loca" went from freshest thing on the airwaves to "for the love of humanity, someone put a fork in my head so the sound of my own screaming will drown out this madness."

That is one money-making HOOK.
Steve Martin once said you can't play a sad song on the banjo. Similarly, I posit... Beyonce can not really sing a sad break-up song.

And... you have melted my eyeballs.
Beyonce is not yet 30. So enjoy this while you can. I'm talking to you, Beyonce. You listenin to me? Your knees will go first, but will earn a standing ovation from everything else they are holding up.

You might expect Miss Bender to be shocked and disapproving of this video and the song behind it. But what Miss Bender appreciates is a job well-done, no matter what it is. If you're going to do a thing, commit to it, I say. See also Eminem, Bonnie and Clyde '97.
How to burn the brainworm into your head forever
This Fierce Mister, who should be headlining at Scandals
The mash-up, featuring 60's era Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse choreography
Enjoy it now, before you never want to hear it again.

I'll leave the academics to decide whether this is Feminism or not; I am too busy trying to figure
out what muscles move that way.


  1. I love this big hot mess of a song and all it's bringing about. That guy has been on tv for this already... I tip my boa to him.

  2. Like the Gwen Verdon version (hear it with the original music) that she is paying homage to, Beyonce's video was done in one take. Of course it took 12 hours to get it just right, unlike Gwen and company on live TV.

    See Also:
    The SNL Parody and the inevitable other version

  3. nothing beats seeing the 3rd graders practicing the moves while waiting to get into school. Something about 9 year olds, winter coats and mittens is jarring. Yet the tune is catchy - and the kids have are already mis-hearing the lyrics. Which means soon single becomes fingerless (yes - that's what they were saying)



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