Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's the deal

Today is Saturday, November 1. Usually when I have had such a long dormant spell, I will back-date a pile of posts to make myself look more timely. I know it, you know, the America people know it.

And I know that you the loyal (and somewhat pushy) Readership have been waiting these 2 weeks-plus for some new reading matter. In spite of The Mill redistributing its internet usage policy, we must have our lunchtime reading.

The list in front of me is 2 weeks' worth. I don't know if the draft file has anything worth publishing. But instead of back-dating, I am going to schedule. Because I know you:- in your post-halloween frenzy you will gobble up what will take me all day to produce, then still stop me in the cafeteria line for more.

Someone needs a sponsor.

Tomorrow: laundry
upload a big pile of CDs I got from the library

I can not plan past that.

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