Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a TSA claims agent

And get this: His name is Ernest.
That's a joke, right?

Reminds me of a funny bit I got into with a friend. (Is it a bit? or a riff? I don't know these things. Ask a Comic)

I said that I missed good Puritan names like that, like Ernest. We should bring them back.

And she said that a friend of hers wanted to name her daughter Patience, so that when she started to lose her temper with her, she would have to yell, "Damn it, Patience! I've had it with you!" and that would calm her down.

To which I said, "Justice, play nice!"
And she said, "Prudence, put your clothes back on!"

and as usual, there was no topping that.

click here to get my TSA story. We are now on Step 4a, "Churn," where he re-asks me the questions on the form and I will retype what I wrote already.

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  1. If we'd had a girl, I wanted to name her True. I saw it on an old South Berwick gravestone.

    "You better not be lying to me, True!"


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