Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So terribly clever

I have to say I have been terribly pleeeeezed with the outcome of the blog exercise this month. I don't think I will ever do it again, and I am glad I didn't set out to do it, but how nice to report that I have posted a -fresh every day, including the 4 days to come, which are completed and scheduled for your (my) convenience.

This is a long way from last year, when I was backposting, because I couldn't keep up AND I couldn't stand the look of dead air. I foolishly believed that newcomers would want to "catch up" on our story thus far, though I can confirm that Blogger doesn't make this convenient, and I have been doing this far too long (rather like this sentence) to think anyone really could...much less would want to.

But because I know you like to see the inner workings, and because I can't seem to stop myself from showing them... a few short lists:

Topics I tabled up in case I needed them, then didn't need them:
1. "Single Girls Have Taco Night Too" This will eventually get posted. It just now clashes with the holidays.

2. "20 Years of Phantom" Do you know some in the orchestra have been playing since opening night? (Not nonstop or anything, I'm just sayin'... )

3. Lots of 70s series stuff I don't want to reveal just yet

Thing I have been working on for years and can never get structured:
1. It is called "Washing Judas' Feet" that tries to explore topics of forgiveness and redemption. All part of an ongoing argument I am losing with Dietrich Bonhoeffer because I can't understand what he is talking about.

Things that happened this month that I left out:
1. "You Got Played" - a piece for the Finishing School involving trouble in paradise between The Boss and The Rock Star and how not to be a pawn in the great game between upper management and upper-middle management. Still to come, I think. I need some closure on it -- just for the narrative, you understand, not for me.
2. 130K on the car they don't even make anymore.

3. Bearing the burdens of others' secrets. I think I am sitting on 4. But I am trying to forget them.

4. Remember the She Veep? She showed up at the Mill as a client. So I still have to be nice. But I can also still be FROSTY

Topics to toss into the basket of crescent rolls if there just isn't enough fighting:
1. "Predatory lending, my eye. Those people knew what they were signing."
2. "Sure was different in your war, wasn't it, grandpa?"
3. "Why do you care who they marry?"
4. "I'll tell you what that kid's problem is...."
5. "So... how awesome is my President?" This works no matter which button you want to push.

Happy Holidays. When you've had too much, loosen your belt and wrap it on your hat, like our forefathers did.

If you want to upset the New Englanders, remind them Jamestown was settled first.

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