Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Find your twin

Register your face with god-knows-who and be first in line when the boxcars pull up.

Facebook's targeted advertising methodology has a way of passing the that's-for-me! effect straight to who's-outside my-window. The ad is coming from inside the hhhhouuuussse.

This "fun game" simply "everyone" is playing, called Find Your Twin, sent every one of my lights blinking. Could this graphic be any creepier? Does it remind you of anything good?

Here's the game:
"I Look Like You .com is the meeting ground for anyone interested in finding their look-alike or twin." The website offers a hypothetical where actual twins are trying to find each other... and they do...and oh, their countries are at war.. it is so tragic. Aging and morphing software can help find lost loved ones, and show the "changing face of humanity." It's all in fun, says iLookLikeYou (and it must be fun, because look at the contempo-way they spell their website name) It is kind of fun. Until you wonder where the database of photos is and what else it could be used for.

From the privacy policy:
"While actual use of any information collected may be used quite conservatively, you must assume that it is not. You must assume that information collected is shared with other persons or entities for commercial purposes."

"Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data or other liability that results from the download of any such material."

You almost want to admire a privacy policy that is that screw-you.

"This Privacy Policy is dynamic. It will continually change. You may not assume that it remains the same and you agree to check the policy each time you visit the site for changes. Unless, in the sole opinion of the website, this policy changes so drastically as to suggest a posted notification on the site or via email, you will receive no notification of changes to this Privacy Policy nor, under any circumstances, does this site promise notification. "

Some relieving news:
No one under 14 may play.

Some disturbing news:
That means 15-18 can. And it seems most of them are.

Even creepier links off this site:
Free legal advice
My acne story
My Twinn just like me dolls. "Why would you misspell 'twin'" is not one of the FAQs."

I found this website much more entertaining - Find your Star Wars twin.
Mine is Admiral Ackbar, with C3PO rising. But you knew that, of course.


  1. What does it mean that I read this -- including the privacy policies-- and I can barely keep myself from finding my own twin. In fact, I think I will go do it now. sigh.

  2. Personally I avoid anything that takes me to any kind of 'facepage.' Call me paranoid, if you will. M.


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