Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Click and be counted

The counter has been returned to the DrawingIn Room. I had a site meter in the early days, but when I upgraded to the new version of Blogger I didn't carry it over -- no real reason except I forgot to.

Recently, a newcomer to the blog world was asking about site meters and which ones were recommended, and after giving her what little I knew, I decided to turn mine back on. You will find it at the bottom of the page, and here is what it is telling me about you.

A whole lotta drivebys: As I write this, over 200 since May 5 (please be assured that it is not really May 6 as I write this -- that is a trick I pull to make me look more attentive to my audience.) Length of average visit though..... 36 seconds? I hope this is because you check in to see what's new, and of course NOTHING for days on end. So I will try to be more frequent if you will try to shop at the concession stand and tip the waitresses.

Site meter predicts that based on this rate, I will have 2000 visits over the next month. I find this highly unlikely. Has one of you made me your home page? Because that may be skewing things. Before you say it, I'll tell you that site meter does not count ME. I have a setting for that.

Site Meter tells me where you are and what page you linked to. Here's what's catching attention out there:
  • My observation on moving heavy equipment
  • The joy of fresh tomatoes (this reader from NC, where the tomatoes are being planted right now)
  • In Boston they are reading my tips on The Economist.
Without new content, the readership has been forced to the archives.

The most popular entry page at present is my discussion of Ladies and their Girdles. 18 visits? Do I dare wonder why? It's from a year ago. It's the people at Spanx, about to send me a cease-and-desist for stealing their photo. Or more proof that I never know what people will respond to.

So I hope I have spent the past few hours giving you some new places to play. But my elbows hurt now, and I do have other items on my list to attend to. So have a pleasant evening and let me know you dropped by. 200 of you must have something to say.

Love, C

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  1. I usually check your blog about once a week--more often when things on campus are challenging and I need a good laugh.

    Thanks for linking to my blog--I haven't seen you to tell you that I had linked to yours!


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