Sunday, May 4, 2008

To hell with everything

Dream or nightmare? First one to try it, please report back.

I thought I had reached the living end when we over-caffeinated soda and called it Jolt. But shortly after that we caffeinated beer, then water, but then as I have confessed, I am no early adopter.

But why pussyfoot around any longer with heartpounding liquids when you can just indulge in Bacon Salt?

Their motto: "Everything should taste like bacon." everything
I expect something like this hit the Roman Empire just before it all went up in flames.
Crispity Hickory-smoked flames.

This website is either true or brilliant, but one thing it is is THOROUGH. And thoroughly absurd.

bacon salt is vegetarian - because that's the same market, right?
bacon salt is kosher - repeat last remark
BaconSalt (the entity) was funded by America's funniest home videos. and the video is not at all funny. It must have been a light week for submissions.
bacon salt has a fan base - Exhibit A & B and merchandise
bacon salt is being air-lifted to the troops - Which should endear us to our Muslim "hosts." Boys from Texas gots to has they bacums.

serve it with this.
And that my friends, is a full circle.

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  1. is it a sign of insanity if you sit in your room and laugh hysterically at the computer screen?

    boys from texas gots to has they bacums? is that funny or offensive? FUNNY!


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