Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doesn't that just figure

It has been unbelievably cold, grey, windy, rainy all month. Naturally this would happen when I left town. It is 100 degrees in Texas right now, and I don't think the sun came up yet. I said, "I promise not to complain that it's hot." He said, "Well we're already complaining."

I thought I would eventually get myself caught up to the actual calendar on this blog, but like most of my tasks, there are more of them than time in the day, so I am just going to fill them in here and start fresh when I get back. Also what I did with my work email last night.

I once worked with a procurement guy who confessed that once a year he just swept everything off his desk into the trash. He might-a been funnin' with me.

Notice how they have to remind us all the time it is cooler on the Cape. Because God-forbid we broadcast any weather outside of 128.

So here's what was on my list to Draw In for you, but I will just have to direct you to it and rant instead.

The Baroness sent a great story about washboards, and how the last washboard company in America has rediscovered its relevance by supplying washboards to troops in Iraq. They haven't done so well since the Big One. (Dr A and I argue over whether WWII is the Big One. But I distinguish between it and the Great One. Not Jackie Gleason. What were we talking about?) It seems they are just right for field clean-up, and probably will do for up-armoring if you went to war with the equipment you had.

I like little Americana stories like this, like the VT lumber company that makes Scrabble tiles. Or it did until it closed about 10 years ago. If you like those stories, re-visit our salute to pink flamingos and Table Top pies. And buy one, would you?

There was a story about how I am the Susan Lucci of the Audio Information Awards, having been nominated 6 years running without anything to show for it. It featured this photo, and (I sort of hoped) had a different outcome this year. It didn't.

Oh but it is Radio Reading Day at the State House, so that should either be great exposure... or a disorganized mess. I'll play nicely either way.

Speaking of the State House for a minute, let's talk about Ted Kennedy, because I want you outlanders to know that the "gracious outpouring of love" for the Senator you're reading about is both exaggerated and sort of...hypocritically true. Because there is some Teddy Bear fencing (good pun) going on for sure, but in the day-to-day, most New Englanders -- Bostonians especially -- really can't stand Ted Kennedy.

He is referred to as (talk out of the side of your mouth very low) "Kennedy." Sometimes Bleepin' Kennedy. never Senator Kennedy. And we find him and Victoria quite annoying. Joan - very annoying. Remember when she passed out on Marlborough St? Know who lives on Marlborough St? So why do we keep re-electing him? Better smile when you say that, South Carolina.

We loved our Rose. What a passel of mess she raised up, huh? And Caroline we love, because seriously... can a person take much more? John Jr was a hottie of course, and we liked him for that. What a teddy bear fence that was.

Games to play with your Kennedy coverage. One point each for use of the word
- lion or lionized
- stalwart
- liberal (extra points if capitalized)
- Chappaquiddik
By the way, Mary Jo would be 68 this July.
And Wikipedia has already been updated with the brain tumor story.

Other current news we must discuss is the alleged splitting of Jodie and Cydney, which was reported by The Enquirer, by the way, and picked up by every online news outlet as a real lead. I suspect the Enquirer is hoping that by denying the story, they acknowledge their relationship, in a "Have you stopped beating your wife" kind of way. If 2 children doesn't acknowledge a relationship, I don't know what would. But this was the best answer ever.

In parting, let me say to Karen both "thanks" and "thanks" (with rolled eyes) for getting me back on Grey's Anatomy for this season. I was really fine to let that go, but I realize what was dragging my mood was being unable to channel Dr. Bailey through my work day. I am so much better now.

I will see YOU all later.


  1. YES! Shondra Rhimes would be so pleased that you've come back. If she knew you, that is. Bailey's had a tough year. She needs support.

    Weird that you are shouted out in my newest post, too.



  2. Word to Bailey. You did NOT stop watching her show, DID YOU. working the bailey-speak, I like it.

    KENnedy games must be drinking games, no? For viewing the coverage, you must do a shot every time newscasters describe him as if he were already dead. And if that is the game, just drain the bottle cause man, they have him 6ft under already...and we aren't talking water this time cause we know Teddy's quite a good swimmer.


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