Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uncle Safa Needs You

It's the time of year when we start threatening to move away if things don't go as desired in the fall elections. Some of us do. and it turns out it is harder to emigrate to Canada than one expects.

But cheer-up, America, because there are jobs in Finland.

In fact, there are jobs for the taking all over Scandinavia and they are fighting for your affections. Finland wants you to know they have good air, good services, good management, and they really do have 4 seasons.

Finland is the "underside" of the unfortunately shaped scandinavian region. (Oh, don't act shocked. They know what it looks like same as you, and they know which part Finland is. The part where all the business is.)

Unemployment is low-low in the great north. And that's good for Nordic society, but not so good for Nordic business and they need the high-tech skills.

Oh...we got Trouble. Right here in Helsinki...
So if you got the mad skills, and like your reindeer rare, here is some good news/bad news about your relocation opportunity.

Cool Finnish stuff
The most sparsely populated country in the EU: if you like your commerce organized, but your life simple, this might suit you. Helsinki has half a million, so it's not exactly Cicily, Alaska.

Lapland. White Nights. Saami people.
70 degree summers.

Nokia. and they are hiring. KI think.

Questionable Finnish stuff
Finnish is not an Indo-European language. There are 8 vowels. No word on "sometimes Y." The rest of that article read like this.

Finland is not in NATO. But their army has a Jaeger Brigade. She is not in it.

A city named Espoo. You will giggle till milk comes out of your nose.


Finland is ....

Finland isn't entirely above the Arctic Circle, it just feels like it.
Helsinki is quite far south, near Estonia. And you would never visit there unless you emigrated to Finland. Is that reason enough?

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  1. wicked fa'. that it is. and in my experience, fins are weird. seriously. the norwegians are tweaked, but in a good way and the fins are just plain weird. :) so there you go. let's all go to stockholm instead. the swedes are kick-ass.


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