Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There is an update

I have to provide an important update to my earlier post, in which I referred to myself as the Susan Lucchi of the International Audio Awards. I came back to the office to a call from the Studio Director to let me know I had won Program of the Year.

I get to say "I" because there truly is no other staff. Producer, host, engineer, Sound FX man...me.

This year's entry, "Grand Canyon," really did score Program of the Year, making Audio Journal the reigning champ of these awards and me nothing short of aghast. Six years without a bite, and then shoot right for the top. As I said to The Boss last year when she tagged me a Top Performer... "You realize there is nowhere positive to go from this tier."

I struggled with how to break this news until this silly duck remembered she had a website. Modesty forbid me from sending a mass market email, and the 1 time I tried saying this news in person made me so self-conscious I resolved not to repeat it.

But let me address your FAQs.

What's this again?
The International Association of Audio Information Services. You know, Blind Folks Radio.

Why would blind people need.... let's not go down that road, please.

so..International? really?
Uh-huh, and not just Canada.

Is there money in it?
You're funny.

Do you get to go to an awards show?
No, that already happened. Our studio director was there. Our station has won Best in Show so many times they might start to exclude us. Or at least name it after us.

"Who ever heard of awards without acceptance speeches? It's barbaric!" ~~ Ted Baxter

But I'll steal some mike time when we visit the State House next week for Radio Reading Day and have the ear of the governor and state legislators. I think I'll open with, "It all began at a 5000 watt radio station....."


  1. OMG Caroline, you are a STAR! Can I have your autograph? Seriously, congratulations. I have always admired your work with the show.

  2. Congratulations!! I understand your hesitation to say it out loud, but you really deserve it. And to think I 'knew you when' you sat on the roof of the carport reading or writing down 'things to remember!" You've come a long way, baby. Guess Who?

  3. Oh, conGRATulations! I follow the blog even while I'm on the road. THe interwebs is everyplace, even in Nebraska. Dr. A. is enjoying the last hurrah of her sabbatical.

  4. Yay Ms. Bender! What awesome news! You should have tooted your horn sooner. Heck, I sent everyone I knew pictures of my beads.


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