Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why some assembly is required

First, though, answer this?
The sticker on the box reads "no tools assembly required" with a picture of a hammer and a screwdriver in the International NOT symbol. Does it mean...
a) Tools are not required to assemble this product
b) Assembly is required for this product and no tools are provided for you
c) Do not let your brother-in-law assemble these contents

The reason assembly is required is because it takes for-**-ever, and tools are not required if you are Edward Needlenose Plier hands. Imagine this sort of slowdown on the factory floor.

"This assembly line 14 days without completing an assembly."

I have nothing interesting to tell you, I am just doodling now while I download another pile of tracks into my Tamagouchi. And I put together a new drying rack. I also changed my own wiper blades today, which took longer than it should have, but was not the near-disaster of changing the thermostat batteries.

It snowed again this morning and I was completely uninformed. (rassafrassarackumfrackum)

But the show must go on, even an "encore" performance of The Great Wall of China from 2003 because I do not always meet deadlines that have no consequences. (plug here also for the Flora in Winter CDs if you are in the market. For the person who has everything. Except, say, eyesight and a museum membership.)

I am downloading a book on CD and I wonder why the producers would make 5 and 6 minutes tracks on a 1 hr disc. I suppose if I couldn't listen to the whole disc at once, I would appreciate being able to click through to the section I was last on, but... why wouldn't I be able to get through a 1 hr disc? If I didn't have a full hour, would I bother to listen to a book?

I said to one of my Netflix friends that I had watched part of a movie, and she interrupted with "how do you watch part of a movie?" Not just italicized, but also bold and all-caps, is how I pictured it typing out in front of me. I said, "the same way you read part of a book."

I should mention, for your enjoyment, that the book is written by the Dali Lama, but not read by. His Holiness actually has a website. Perhaps you knew that. I was distracted by it for a moment; it's very engaging.

his moments-from-holiness Lhamo Thondup.

I wish someone would start dinner. Talk to you later.

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