Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Left to my own devices

It may be that I finally have too many devices -- certainly too many things that need to be plugged in to work, and which require more attention than a webkin.

In fact, I have decided that Webkinz are just training devices to get us used to constant worry about our phone battery, our unchecked email, whether we have enough entertaining ringtone choices, whether our iPod is synched
(or whether it has somehow unsynched, because you chose the wrong command -- because "synch only the selected folders" really should mean "and leave everything else alone," but it actually means "and throw everything else out." Oh, like you've never done it. Here's something else I'm sure you've never done -- treated your purse to your entire music collection overnight. Oh, good morning. Song 222? Enjoying that, are you, Kleenex pack and Charlie Card?)
....or whether you have checked recently on the downloadable audio book list from the public library.

I actually have 2 'pods -- an iPod and a little MP3 that is compatible with the public library book files, where Apple is not. So I hang onto it, but it has nothing on it at the moment because I transferred a disc book onto the iPod which I am also not reading/listening to, because the 2 movies that are on there that I am not watching are a higher priority. It's good to have that book to not listen to while I am not working out because I need to be blogging without posting because I have no internet because I can't order it while offline.

One thing I do know is that I will not need digital TV now that I have weaned myself off broadcast television with the help of the WGA and the miracle of reliving the 70s in my 40s. So I will keep the 3 foot deep monstrosity I have (mostly because I can't move it) as a DVD player, since DVDs are the one thing I can manage to squeeze into my day - though I have found the thrill of watching them on my laptop, since it can't connect to anything, and even though I promised no TV in the bedroom, it is not really TV and this is the guestroom.

Last night I ate half a box of Cheezits and watched 2 hours of Here's Come the Brides. Boys, I am livin'the dream.

Speaking of brides, two of the brides in the Mill (one newlywed and one affianced, which I think qualifies them both on the bride spectrum and allows me to use the word affianced) were discussing the No TV in the bedroom rule, which New-Mrs. has been able to enforce and Mrs-to-Be has not. She is still working on "we are absolutely not putting a minifridge in here." That is a monologue you have to hear her present for yourself.

More proof that I am my own spouse: I considered for a moment the minifridge idea, then came to the same conclusion Mrs-to-Be did: it makes noise all night.
"...and it's ridiculous" is secondary.

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  1. Real bedrooms (as opposed to guest rooms) should be used only for sleep, reading, or sex -- NOT TV. Although I manage to sleep quite well in the den with the TV on, I don't believe it would be the same in the bedroom!! In addition, one can chill the wine BEFORE going to the bedroom and then a fridge is not necessary. :o) Marn


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