Monday, March 10, 2008

It's the International Year of the Potato!

Highlights from

It's an org
If the potato is not-for-profit, we are all in trouble.

Sponsorship by McCain's foods.
McCain? 2008?? COINCIDENCE?

3 years in the making
2008 was selected as the International Year of the Potato in 2005. It may take an entire year to plan the annual Teaching and Learning Celebration, but for the international flair of the POTATO, one needs real events:

- photography contest
- Gnocchi Night
- a cool abbreviation (IYP)

Imagine the embarrassment if they had made it the Inetrnational Year of Beef?

Here are some other International Years you missed waiting for the Potato(e)s to come in.
2004 - Rice (sorry about the Atkins)
2005 - Physics (potato looking pretty good, now, huh?)
2006 - Deserts (seriously? That's the best you got, UN?)
2007 - Dolphin (now tuna free!)

Please also be aware that 2008 is cheating on the potato. It is also the

Still to look forward to in 09 - the International Year of Natural Fibres.
Like potato sacks. Be sure to spell it the British way.

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  1. Since you also list the International Year of Languages, I posted a link to this entry on a list of blogs that mention it in one way or another.


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