Saturday, March 15, 2008

Using what you know about the moon....


The part they left out... "You Failed!" with exclamation point.
Worcester, we have a problem.

The quiz, recommended by The Baronness, was to rank-order your available survival gear as a crash-landed skywalker. "Using what you know about the moon," slide the items higher or lower in rank.

I promise you: I used what I knew. which is sod-all.

I won't spoil it for you, but I want you to know that I did too know that the matches and compass were worthless. Where I made my error was the same place I always made it in Zork (and generally in real life) which is forgetting that things have multiple purposes.
stupid.... moon quiz....


  1. OMG I'm so sending this to Fab right now. But seriously, it's not as if you'll be heading there soon (unless you have some very elaborate vacation plans), so don't sweat it.

  2. Well, just like the old 'test' I failed!! this one. I only had 28%!! But then I'm not going there either. :o) Marn

  3. 44% and that was with the help about the oxygen and matches, which i'm not entirely sure i would have figured out on my own. sad. really. it's just sad.


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