Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NASA can hear Voyager, but I can't get cell coverage

I undertake this topic at some risk, since there are those in the Readership who actually understand outer space science and what-not, and who will enjoy snickering at my ignorance of these things. You would all like each other too; I must arrange that somehow.

So here's what I am thinking about.

The most distant earth-made object in space is still speaking to us through mid-70s technology, and I don't understand why that is still possible.

It is carrying a phonograph record which you couldn't play on earth today, unless you were at my house. Or the RCA Victor Museum.

Someone please photoshop a big-eyed alien with head cocked to a Victrola, ("His Master's Voice" style) because I don't have time right now.

Perhaps if it does end up long ago in that land far, far away it will be found by bobby-soxed and pompadoured extra-terrestrials, because that record's got Chuck Berry on it. To see a list of everything on the records, visit the official website here. The Flash version is terribly entertaining.

What V'ger is sending back is not so public-access friendly, but you can see the latest charts and graphs on the webpage as well. There is another flash that seeks to make this more exciting here. Impress your children by telling them, that's right honey. We didn't know any of that until I was already in junior high.
It is from this tour I have just learned the word "heliopause" and am now looking for ways to use it in daily life.
Sagan's Murmers of Earth, I was sad to learn is no longer in print, but can be found used.
(It is not Mummers of Earth, which I thought it said at first. For a moment I thought that if we sent Mummers and Morris Dancers into outer space, the extra-terrestrials would definitely not call us back, but we might breathe easier here.)

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  1. Hola:
    Soy de Chile, no hablo ingles pero escribo un comentario y junto con esto saludarte.

    Estuve buscando a cerca de la imagen o dibujo que ha sido grabado en la maquinas espaciales. Buscando encontre tu Blog.



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