Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheap Blogger's Trick

From the Bag o' Blogging Tricks.... digging deep on You Tube and posting someone else's find.

I have chosen this brilliant Jot artifact.

Jot : Baptists as Davy : Lutherans as Charlie Brown : UU

But we're here to talk about Jot. This clip is the longest 4 minutes you will ever imagine a child sitting through. If you can get your child to sit through it, please write in and tell us which method you used. Please also tell how you explained the allure of a propeller party hat. Because that I would like to know.

Even one that quotes Exodus must run thin after a while.

I adore this find for the same reason I adore my afterschool specials -- they are the documented proof that I am not remembering the 70s wrong. And that kids today really are a bunch of pansy-asses.

I am quite sure none of them know all the words to Blessed Redeemer (#103).

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  1. Have you forgotten the propellor beanies? They were a hoot and quite popular with the younger set at one time -- a LONG time ago. :0) Marn


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