Thursday, November 12, 2009

This week in History

I haven't really run out of ideas.  I have run out of time to explore those ideas.  In order to make today's post date, I have had to resort to the cheap blogger's trick of packaging a "best of" show.  I have no explanation for this.  Except that I am not really spending all my time exploring clever essay ideas.  Even if you enjoy picturing that, I do on occasion get dressed and leave the house.  I have to or the neighbors would be over with casserole.

As we end our 4th broadcast year, DrawingIn looks back at where we were this week in...

Merck is trying to scare you - the Pharma we love to needle (har har) launches their shingles campaign

Crusader Rabbit - the 70's series is born

Dark Shadows - 15 entries in, it reaches a crescendo

I have now ruined next year's opportunity to use this same trick.  For today, anyway.  I'll do what I have to.  And you'll back me up.

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  1. So - you, um... don't want this cassserole? :-)


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