Monday, November 9, 2009

So you want to launch a blog

If you are a regular reader of DrawingIn, you may also be a regular (or semi-regular) of  The Business Women's Finishing School and Social Club.  If that is the case, you may skip today's post, which is nothing but a plug for the Finishing School.  If you have not explored BWSF, we invite you to add it to your preferred reader or subscription service now, please, or Follow us through Google.  The Faculty of your Finishing School are making a serious attempt at a public launch.

Founded in 2005, BWFS offers, "Everything you didn't learn in school that will help you survive the world of work. A place for newbies, for working moms, for seasoned professionals and free agents to share strategies, tips and tales from the trenches."

In the past couple of months, we have instituted a new format, and a regular (semi-regular) calendar of topics :

Monday: Ask a Manager
Our managers in residence take your questions to provide some insight into life in the corner offices, and offer a balanced view of the complicated Labor/Management dance.  Their answers may not always be what your manager would answer, but then, managers are people too.  Let's give them their individual voice.

Tuesday: Working Parents
We admit, it is mostly Moms, but Dads are heard from here as well.  In their own words, the insights of working parents, married and single, from the good, to the bad, to the sticky.

Wednesday: New Professional Day
You are knocking yourselves out, and we hear you.  We have been you.  Most days... we wish we still were you.  So we offer what we can, and give you voice.  God bless your bespectacled, Blackberry-pickin' hearts.

Thursday: Personal Finance
It's what you are knocking yourself out for.  Following your bliss aside... if you didn't need the money, you wouldn't do it.  We know it, you know it, the American people know it.  So put it to work for you.  We steer you toward the best advice we have found week over week.

Friday:  Seasoned Veterans
"Experienced professional in ___________ with proven track record of _______..."
It takes continued practice to maintain your excellence and live up to that summary statement.  It takes an occasional rant to clear the air.  We know where you can get both.

Saturday (and sometimes Friday....when we can get organized): Weekly Roundups
We know you can't read everything on the web.  Fortunately, some of us are unemployed, so we'll weed through it for you.

Sunday: reviews, reviews, and sometimes reviews
Books.  Products.  Tools.  Software.  Tips.  Tricks.  Films.  Discounts.  Ideas.  Networks.

Facebook members can join the faculty of BWFS&SC on our Fan Page.  Recommend articles, ask questions, check in for open calls for submissions.

We do not Twitter.  (We are not Superwomen.)  Though we do attempt to give you  "the shiverin' fits."  enjoy this 1980's Lady yee-haw.

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