Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Small town stories

Pop: 15,000 ish.  13000 in the 2000 census, and I can tell you a lot of 4-way stops and traffic lights had to be put in since then.  So  am upping the estimate.  But this is still one small town.  How small is it...?

In my mailbox today was an envelope I had accidentally mailed without a stamp, an address, or a return label. Just the envelope with the recipient's name on it.  Those of you in the rotation know that all my envelopes look alike.  The mailman does too, as it seems.

This also convinces me that I have a nickname at the post office which I hope is "Our Patron" or "Stamp Queen" and not "Writes to prisoners," or "Miss Lonely Hearts."

Tonight I went to The Strand, our venerable old moviehouse and grille, where Rear Window would look great, but they were showing The Informant! (the exclamation point comes with the title, like Oliver!).  Show started at 7, but you have to come early to get your order in and plastic tumbler of house red.  I was the first one there, and it appeared for a long time I would be the only person there.

Usually, you go to the call window to pick up your food order, but since I was the only one waiting, they brought it to me.  Well, not "they."  They didn't all bring it.  It wasn't the FudgeryShe brought it me - the owner/manager.  A few others arrived just before showtime.  But only Miss Lonely Hearts got table service.

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  1. I once thought that I was being "inspected" and felt sorry for when I went to a play alone. My daughter put it into perspective when she said, "They are really looking at you and saying 'What a gusty woman to go out alone if she wants to!'" After that I saw it differently. M


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