Sunday, November 8, 2009

You've come a long way, Iraq

From the Middle East Theatre of Absurd Operations, this story emerges.  The government (their our-government, not our-our government) acknowledges that life in Iraq is too danergous.  It is not fit for children and other living things.  So a bill has been proposed to ban smoking.

something had to give.

Citizen Falah Aboud stole all my blog thunder when he commented, "Before they make such decisions, let them fix the services, the electricity, the water supply, and pave the streets."  So I'll add, "and stop blowing things up."

In an odd twist of diplomacy, this is one thing the Government of Iraq and Al Qaeda in Iraq agree upon, the evils of Demon Tobacco. 

I have nothing to add to the coverage that is already found at your nearest browser.  One thing that happens during NaBloPoMo is that we all start talking about the same things, and daily posting saps my creative drive to write out for you my version of The Brookline Accords, as moderated by C Everett Coop.

So I'll turn you on to this instead: Iraq Today brings you daily updates from the conflict(s) with links to other resources, including blogs by Iraqis.  Try A Family in Baghdad as an opener.

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