Wednesday, November 30, 2011

...when she finally concluded at the end by summarizing....

There ought to be something profound to say at the end of National Blog Post Month.  Ok, profundity is a stretch, but something meaningful anyway.  What's it all about, etc.

It has not been easy to make space for it every night -- reading other people's finds on the Internet are always more interesting than anything I think I might say about them, and there are plenty of topics I did not get to this month that I had listed ou on my little listie.

I thought for sure there would be an "Occupy" commentary.  I need to get back in the election swing for Decision 2012, but I felt like it was all being said.  Or tweeted.  Or photoshopped.  Or videoed.

I wanted to explore what goes on in the Fellowship Tract League -- the pamphlet people.  A lot, I discovered, but their own website covers it, really.  They make a tract in ASL.  I cock my head.

The guy in the center is reading "Porn XXX."  He super-sized.

I had some art-nostic opinions about the new Walton-funded art museum in Arkansas, but I think NPR got to them first.  Or maybe that's where I got them in the first place.

After learning my hiking boots had been retired by New Balance, I fantasized George Mallory trying to find a new alpine hat for his next Base Camp visit. That scene amused me until I was home, then I was done with it.  The way that story really ends is that I found the 2007 model (mine are 1999, all right - I admit it), which has also been retired, and bought 2 pair.  If I am still hiking at 60, please teleport me to New Balance so I can show off these shoes.

Push came to shove during the holiday week and I had to borrow from other sources in order to both unplug for vacation and fulfill this inconsequential obligation.  They were my sources, though, so it's cool.

I am always interested in reading the site traffic report, and will have to see what happened over the past month.  Besides the NaBlo traffic, I am grateful to the Non-Fiction Class at Plymouth State U for their interest and feedback.  I had nothing profound to say to them either about what motivates me to keep blogging -- particularly in the dark, anonymously, about nothing of much significance whatsoever.

I guess because it is there.

Thanks for supporting the bloggers in your life.  We do what we can to break up the day.


  1. And all of you do it so wonderfully!! Each time I read someone's post, I feel as if I have had a conversation with them over a cup of coffee (or a latte if that is what you prefer). Thanks to all for an very enjoyable, enlightening November. I personally am richer for it. M

  2. Kudos for hanging in there all month. i thought I would do it, but realized that there ain't no way I could keep up the momentum. My hat's off to you!


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