Monday, November 7, 2011

The 8oz soft drink

#35 in an occasional series of repressed 70's memories that turn out to be true. 
Here's what I know for sure: the 20 oz soda is new.  I was an adult when it happened.  And it scared me a little.

7-Eleven's Big Gulp is post-70s, and I think it was originally intended to serve a family, or at least your office lunch.

Pepsi took on litter and the dreaded 6-ring goose killer with The Boss, the now familiar 2 litre (metrics - pffft) container.  For a while "Boss" caught on as a measurement, but try saying that to the kids nowadays. 

Soda came in 8 oz bottles, or 16 oz in the freezer chest.  A 12 oz can was for splitting:  "Wanna split a Coke?"  The Coke I owe you from Jinxing?  You got a little less than if you had your own glass bottle, but you made up for it in ice and a cool McDonaldland collectible glass.

The original MacDonalds meal - "change back from your dollar" -- was a burger, fries, coke.  We didn't even have sizes, kids!  We just had our general malaise.

Now, get Coke and its cronies trying to make us think they invented this idea: 
Coca-Cola Mini is  a 7.5 oz can that can boast "90 Calories!" It's the drink your other mini-things go better with!  You wouldn't split it with the babysitter, but you can fit it in your backpack after the vending machines leave.  I'm just sayin'.

Our local grocer carries the Mexican Coke, or Throwback Coke -- that is, Coca-Cola made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup... as the good lord intended.  That's an 8 oz bottle, perfect chilled, perfect size. But I'll tell you that if you stick it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and forget you did... it will blow up just as well as a HFCS kind does. Better maybe.

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