Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heroes on the run

#37 in an occasional series of repressed 70's memories that turn out to be true. 

Let me explain the differences between Run, Joe Run and Run, Joey, Run.  They are subtle.

If you are looking for the ballad of teen lovers, sung to the baseline of Shaft... or just really like primitive music videos (see... red symbolizes blood, man) you want to go here.

If you want to explore why so many of Saturday morning's line-up was made up of fugitives, stay right where you are.

Run, Joe, Run
Amnesty-seeking Canine GI wigs out during a training exercise and attacks his trainer.... or does he?  To escape the gas, he takes to the run.  And we are to believe that his $200 bounty is enough to make him vulnerable to fortune seekers.  Take a Lude, Joe - you are totally harshing.  Anyway, Joe becomes the stranger who lopes to town, and helps others as he helps himself.  I need the readership to explain how this accusation against Joe came about, since his own trainer is trying to clear his name.  Total Television is silent on this account.

I believe that's William Cannon on the opening narration.  Expository intros were  in vogue, as we have addressed before.  Give that Tarzan a new listen, too, and tell me if that is Richard Chamberlain.  It would explain everything about my need to commit to memory.  Tarzan, however, is no fugitive.  It is easy to confuse him with

"unjustly accused" of killing some drug-dealers he takes up the baton dropped by his cultural cousin Joe while on the run from the university's bounty hunters.  That's what I said.   

Why was Kung Fu on the run?  I couldn't remember.    "I like to think he killed a man; it's the Romantic in me..."  Caine had to leave China, but it wasn't for the glamor of working the railroad.  That was just a bonus.  If you ever wondered how s-l-o-w-l-y a prime time drama could move, watch a little Kung Fu.  Let me know if you make it through this clip.

The Incredible Hulk was not a Saturday show either --  CBS put their spring replacement into the fall season on Friday nights, first in a strong double bill with Wonder Woman, then later as a weird opening choice for the Dukes. [:02 DIXIE].  "The creature is wanted for a murder he didn't commit..."  blah blah you know it by now and the "raging spirit that dwells within him."

You know who they mean....
Hell hath no fury like the decorated vet scorned....

Setting the stage for this crew: 
armed and bloody well for hireThe A Team is grumpily pursued by a full bird Colonel who apparently can't delegate enough to get some NonComs to do his dirty work for him... like they did in the Nam, brother.

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