Friday, December 21, 2007

Closed for the Holidays

The operatives of the Drawing In room have been turned out for the holidays, and will return to their stations next week.

Thanks for all the votes over at The Mattress Police. Let's hope that banner ad is coming! (and the Kwanzaa sweatshirt...) Keep reading in my absence. He is one funny guy.

Enjoy these previously posted Christmas stories, and get your Google Reader on. All the best in 2008!

Native-ity - creche...chess set... same thing

Christmas Pickle - village myth

Satan's footprint - mind your luminaries

Yankee Swap - this year I scored movie popcorn and a big ol' bowl. Also... gave in to the peer pressue and chipped in on the boss gift. Both of them. But I do love them so...

God Bless Us Every One - suitable for family dinner

Christmas Stamps - who thought of the sweaters?

Miffed Jesus - he's a little annoyed you haven't called.

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