Sunday, December 2, 2007

A new Modern Art story... rewritten for my amusement.

London's Tate Modern Gallery, in an attempt to discourage patrons from letting their inappropriately-aged children run rampant through their exhibits, have installed a toddler trap in the floor of Turbine Hall.
Artist Scary Lollipop guy was commissioned by the gallery to create a fool-proof and liability free installation which would rid the halls of no-neck monsters, leaving them free for Johnny Carson's stage curtain, as the founders intended.

Seen here, a pair of Mums on "Stroller Holiday," reassure 2 year old Willie, who was running recklessly and has been swallowed by the marble as a result.

Fiona, age 7, was able to escape capture by holding tightly to Nanny's hand, as placards instruct.

the real story. Not much different.

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