Sunday, February 1, 2009


Back where the cold is...

If you ever read the blogs I link to (and really, you should, esp when you are annoyed that I have nothing new posted), you'll know that over at Raising the Boys, Susie is practicing Grace in Small Things - finding 5 things for which she is grateful each day.

It is a nice collection. And may be the next stage of blogging, now that Facebook status updates and Tittering have made the 500 word essay seem frightfully loooonnggg..

I can say more about where I've been, but I am taking the easy way out.

5 small things
1. A 2 week vacation
2. Sun on my face
3. A plowed driveway to come home to
4. A 2 yr old's joy at potty success
5. A 25 year friendship through all of the hard stuff

and tigers. Tigers are pretty cool.

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