Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Presidents' Day Weekend movie marathon

...and there's a picture of a train....

Anyone can celebrate Valentine's Day. It's all laid out for you.

If you want to really cut through the crowd, let's see you celebrate Presidents' Day. Let's see you take a stand on whether the apostrophe goes inside or outside, or if there is one at all.

One President? The Office of the Presidency?
Two Presidents (Lincoln/Washington)? All Presidents?
No possessive at all -- just the Presidents?

Look, if you're going to take the day off and yank the kids out of school, you could at least pretend to care.

The DrawingIn Room presents the deeper-cut Presidents Day movie marathon, in case you have already seen
  • John Adams (brilliant)
  • The American President (pre West Wing Sorkin)
  • Backstairs at the White House (man, TV used to move slowly!)

If you haven't seen those, do. But if you are looking for a new twist, try this list in this order. You have 3 days. Go.

Valley Forge
Iron Jawed Angels
State of the Union
Dr Strangelove
Thirteen Days
The War Room
Primary Colors
Shut Up and Sing



  1. we don't get the day off, so i will pretend the apostrophe issue isn't bothering me. but it is....

  2. i have seen it as presidents, president's, and presidents'. i think someone thinks we won't notice, kind of like the people who put "'s" at the end of plural words, like maybe no one will notice. but we notice, don't we......

  3. brilliant list. i wish i had time to see them all in that order. :)


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