Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I haven't blogged

a stream of consciousness nightcap.

1. I have too - 2 days ago. I've just been spoiling you.

2. I found somewhere sunny to go
And you know that nothing brings out my yammer like another snowstorm. It is snowing now, though not very seriously, unless you are on Martha's Vineyard, in which case -- are you crazy? It's February.

I missed last week's snowstorm and have the ice rink at my front door to prove it. That ain't goin anywhere. And the icicles over the front door -- remember the one that trapped Snoopy? You'll have to; I can't find a picture of it.

3. I have a headache.
That's not the excuse for the past few days. It was just the excuse for today until I finally got comfortable, and turned on the Big 80s playlist on my iTunes.

People often ask me, "what's 'Big' 80s? why do you say that?" Big 80s are 83-86, son, because I was in college and I didn't have to give a FFFarthing about anything. Late 80s are all double-breasted jackets and acid-wash, and anything before 83 is just the 70s. In Day-Glo. Speaking of which...

4. I got Fame, the series, from Netflix
Take an after-school special, add choreography, a strange Faye Dunaway impression, and scalloped shorts with piping. I have also described The White Shadow.

"in sweat."
I am going to start adding "in sweat" after my fortune cookie reading.

Freshman year, The Fame watchers were at war with the Magnum PI watchers for control of the dial on Thursday nights (kids... please google "appointment TV" if you need more info. Auntie is talking right now), so we would often have to watch on Julia's peephole-sized black-and-white. And we liked it! Julia had been to boarding school and was full of mad skills like these, which we were just beginning to call "awesome," and usually preferred "boss."

what were we talking about?

oh, 5. Facebook is so satisfying.
I can usually get my Internet on without having to be brilliant. Just pithy. And sometimes that's enough for me. I realize it may not be for you.

6. The Mill had something of a layoff.
One of those tiny ones no one else in the Company notices, because my division is politically insignificant. The effect that has on blogging is that the mood around the place gets a little somber at times like this, so there haven't been many stories to tell. I have only been back 2 days.

7. The Mill had something of a business crisis
Unrelated to the layoff, but it one doesn't help the other. You can google that on your own. I'm not INSANE, just risky.
ha-HA! I used up 2 numbers without really saying anything

8. I joined a gym.
Man, endorphins are demanding, aren't they? Machine I am drawn to/afraid of:

The ladder. I am asking you to look at the Ladder.

When I show up at work with a bandage on my chin, this might be how it happened.

9. I got nothin'.
Not true, really. I have a bunch of ideas for the 70s series, and I don't like to do too many of those at once. But I've got some stuff cooking there.

10. I have it on good authority that most of you fall behind and do a big read to catch up. so I think this buys me some time. And generates Buzz.

Talk to you later. Need to put a cool cloth on my head.

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