Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby names rejected by Bristol Palin

1. John
2. Lancer McSweeney
3. Quartz
4. Orange
5. Tina-Fey
6. Jason Bourne
7. Barak
8. Ranch
9. Palin
10. Ballot

Welcome to the world, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!
We promise to lose interest in you and Grammy Sarah fairly soon.


  1. And I thought the Southern 3-name was bad enough, although I surely did it to my kids!! M

  2. 30 Dec, catching up with your report. Being a John I am surprised to see the name on the list at all. It is my observation that the name is rarely used and when it is given the spelling is different. Jon, Jonn,Jonathan,but rarely John.

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, JRS


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