Monday, August 4, 2008


In a recent posting, Miss Bender stated that she did not expect Dr A would get a Harriet the Spy reference. Dr A has informed your Humble Narrator that she is a writer "in no small part because of Harriet the Spy."

Miss Bender regrets this misrepresentation of Dr A's character and cultural upbringing and would like you all to know that in addition to reading Madeleine L'Engel and Ursula Le Guin, she also read Louise Fitzhugh and Judy Blume. Please note that in that reference, I referred to Dr A as Harriet, while Dr M was Janie. But I am chastened and must offer this correction.

Enjoy Karen's tribute to Harriet and the other greats of the Kid Kanon here.


  1. Well, Miss Bender, you can rest assured that *I* did not get the Harriet the Spy reference. I had to look it up (and still don't get it). I am every bit as uncultured as you remembered!

  2. So we'll see you this weekend? Perhaps you can explain the Harriet the Spy reference to me. And explain your identity management strategies. And explain how the hell you can be so funny.

    See you soon!


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