Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Tinker Day

So it's Tinker Day, national holiday of my alma mater, one big community hookey day, with cake.

In the spirit of drawing-in, from the campus that brought you The Spinster (oh, yes, we did).... the sisterhood blogs about Tinker Day.

First-timer. Good intro for you outsider/co-ed types.

Shirker. In which we learn of a new residence hall we've never heard of. Who, or what, is Otaku?

Ho-um, we climb a mountain every day throw-away reference.

Parents made me come here

Nice photo album, but it is last year's.

I climbed the mountain 3 times. One year I am sure I was too cool, but I don't remember which year it was. Month before the Flood, I imagine. I realized I ate a fried chicken sandwich for lunch today -- a subliminal salute. No cake was served.

We talk about Tinker Cake like it is made of hash. Which, in the 80s, it might have been. It is standard chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting, but once you have reached that 3000 ft summit (up since 6am and high on Krispy Kremes) it will go down like the most amazing delicacy any cafeteria staff drove up a back road while you hauled your raw pie through the brush dressed in a sweater made out of mittens. shoutout Later we will serve it at weddings, and wistfully refer to it whenever we gather in groups.

enough linking for you?
wait till it's Miss Matty's Birthday

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  1. At least this year we didn't receive a post card in the mail announcing TD.

    Served fried chicken (nuggets) in celebration and solidarity.


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