Thursday, September 7, 2006

Lands End, Lemon Frog, like it matters...

No one thought at the time that Lemon Frog was a poor choice of name for the husky-girl boutique section of Sears. Certainly when I shopped there, I didn't think so either (quite sure I had the blue one), but every time I have tried to tell a Lemon Frog story to someone since then...they can't get past the name.

Names Sears rejected:
Li'l Woman
Groovy N Curvy
Hip Chix (get it?)

That isn't the story I'm telling.
I thought of the Lemon Frog today when my hunt for new jeans had taken me through Eddie Bauer (as if that isn't humilating enough) where nothing on the rack of Mom Jeans fit properly.

Full disclosure: 30 " waist; 25" thigh.
I am always one season away from reinstating suspenders.

The woman at Eddie Bauer said, "How do you like them to fit? Fit to the thigh, or roomy?"
I said, "I like them to fit my thighs; therefore, they should be roomy. Get me?"
In my day.... you bought a 501 28/31 and you liked it.

Moment of silence for the sky-blue cord: the jeans that broke the dress code.

She was very nice, taking me through the relaxed fit, and the classic fit, and the boyfriend fit (I didn't ask. they were $65. Remind me to blog about that and the right hand diamond some day.) But we got nowhere, and I trudged toward Sears ~~ toward the Lands End, toward the Lemon Frog.

I still tried on the Levi's, but I have not found a fitting pair of Levi's in over 20 years. They do not size them "waist/length" anymore. You probably knew that.

Gloria Vanderbilt, now captioned as "Anderson Cooper's mother," has a line of colored denim that look exactly like Toughskins, only with a swan. Swan = ugly duckling

Lemon Swan.

2 excellent ToughSkins sites: here and here.

I bought Lee's. And not for the first time. And not from Sears. But from Penney's, so this is not better and I should have left that part out.


  1. The Sears catalogue site was great. Thanks for sharing. Somewhere there is a photo of my Dad with one of those metal baby carriers strapped to his back and me in the carrier. My Mom says he hiked up Mt. Washington like that. ~SJL

  2. Not only have I not bought a pair of jeans in goodness knows how long, I've not been in Penny's or Sears (nor their catalogs) in almost as long. I'm still mostly a skirt girl except for weekends. (And if I'm not going anywhere, I'm in what used to be called a 'housedress' which is really what I slept in the night before!!) For many years, I've been a 'tween, i.e., 'tween size 16 and 20 and I REFUSE to put my oversize backside in a 20!! M.


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